Cheers to the next 50 years, Pizza Haus

On Feb. 22, 50 years ago, Lowell and Marge Yorn and Jack and Vicki Kellerman established Pizza Haus, a beloved Batesville business.


Batesville Leader

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Dogs ride 6-game streak

SHELBYVILLE - The Batesville Bulldogs obliterated Class 4A Shelbyville in Shelby County Thursday, 70-45, to win their sixth consecutive game in closing out the regular season at 17-5.

Skunk rabies circulating in southeastern Indiana

The Indiana Department of Health urges residents to vaccinate their pets against rabies and to keep a safe distance from wildlife after skunk rabies was detected in two southern Indiana counties. Skunk rabies is normally present in northern Kentucky, but these are the first cases confirmed in Indiana since 2004. …

Lady Twisters make final

SHELBY CO. – Oldenburg Academy girls basketball continued their storied season with a stellar performance at the Southwestern Shelby sectional last week.

Venture outdoors: Exploring Indiana State Parks

Exploring Indiana State Parks offers a journey through a diverse tapestry of natural wonders, each park a unique sanctuary waiting to be discovered.